Nnedima FBO: Dr. Nnedimma Iwueke is a medical doctor and nutritionist passionate about healthy living. Dr. Nne is a public health practitioner with experience in women’s health, reproductive and childcare, HIV counselling as well as weight management spanning the African continent. She holds a bachelor of Medicine and Surgery as well as other professional certification. Dr Nne believes in network marketing which has made Forever Living a global brand of first choice. She regularly trains people on multilevel marketing, product knowledge and other self -development key performance indicators online and offline. FBO ID: 256000100223     Do you wish to know which foods are best for you? Would you like to know which foods you should avoid? Did you know that the foods you eat and those you avoid go a long way to determine how you would manage different health conditions e.g diabetes, hypertension, obesity, goitre, infertility, fibroids, cancer, tooth decay among others. A healthier you is a click away from here. Your questions about your private nutrition and health concerns will be handled in a more personalized fashion. You can get that wonderful experience by contacting me with the form below and choosing to subscribe to one of the following plans in here. 1) One off subscription: N5,000 2)Monthly subscription: N30,000 3) Annual subscription: N100,000