Diabetes Treatment Using Forever Living Products

Diabetes Treatment Using Forever Living Products

Diabetes Treatment Using Forever Living Products

People with diabetes are unable to produce enough of the hormone insulin which is a compound that regulates the glucose level in the blood, the failure in insulin production in diabetic’s leads to a high blood sugar -glucose level in the body. This may not sound like much but an excess sugar or glucose content has serious complications and over time, such high levels of glucose in the blood can lead to the appearance of heart disease or it at least increases the risks, and nerve damage, it heightens the possibility of kidney disease, there could be a loss of vision, and high blood sugar brings many other complications in its stride including wounds that do not heal well and quickly enough. Diabetes is of two distinct types. The rare diabetes insipidus, or more commonly insulin-dependent diabetes or type 1 diabetes, which can develop at any age but usually develops before the age of 30. The second type of diabetes is called as diabetes mellitus, or more commonly non-insulin-dependent diabetes or type 2 diabetes; this form of the disorder accounts for 90% of diabetic cases; and it makes its appearance usually in middle age.

Type 1 Diabetic

When the pancreas ceases its function of insulin production due to any reason, type 1 diabetes is said to have occurred, as insulin is necessary for glucose regulation in the blood. While the causes of this abrupt halt in the production of insulin is uncertain, it is believed by many scientists and researchers that an autoimmune disorder, where the body attacks its own pancreatic cells could be responsible, while others suggest the involvement of a virus. Thus those individuals who have unfortunately contracted diabetes type 1, a lifelong insulin dependency from an external source is necessitated, therefore such people are dependant on insulin throughout their lives.

Type 2 Diabetic

On the other hand, diabetes mellitus or the more common type 2 diabetes develops from insulin resistance in the body. Pancreatic function is normal, and insulin is produced in sufficient quantities, but for some reason the cells in the body cannot use the insulin anymore. The presence or absence of a lot of body fat or obesity in people plays an important role in most cases of type 2 diabetes. Indeed obesity is one of the risk factors for contracting this form of diabetes. In the end, both these types of diabetes can arise in anybody due to genetic factors.

Both types of diabetes are caused by the lack of an essential hormone named insulin, which is used to transfer glucose from the blood to every cell in the body. The severe form of diabetes is type 1, when the pancreas can’t produce insulin at all. Type 2 diabetes is a condition where the pancreas produces some insulin, but not enough to meet the metabolic demands.


Glucose is a simple type of sugar digested by our body from the food. It is the main fuel used by the cells, which burn it to generate energy. The problem of people who suffer from diabetes is that lack of insulin prevents glucose from reaching their cells. This is dangerous for two separate reasons: the body is forced to use other energy sources while sugar builds up in the blood.


Without glucose, the body turns to its fat reserves for energy. However, breaking down fat cells has the unwanted side effect of producing ketones. Their level builds up in the blood stream, raising its acidity. When the blood becomes too acid, some of the enzymes needed to regulate other functions of the body are unable to work. Ketones also have other bad effects, such as affecting the balance of electrolytes and carbohydrates.

Here are recommended Forever Living Products that help with Treatment of Diabetes

These supplements that are being recommended can be used in conjunction with the prescription drugs which may be used for the treatment of the disease, both type 1 and type 2, diabetics can take advantage of these supplements. There could be a need to alter dosages for insulin or the hypoglycemic medications used in type 2 diabetes treatments, when these supplements are used, the changes in dosages or the application of changed doses must be done under the supervision of a qualified medical professional.

Diabetic nerve damage may be prevented by the B vitamins, which also help in the production of enzymes that are necessary in the derivation of energy from glucose. Lowering the blood glucose levels is one of the properties of the mineral chromium; concurrently it is effective in reducing cholesterol levels in diabetic

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