Be Free From Migraine With Forever Living Products

Be Free From Migraine With Forever Living Products

 Be Free From Migraine With Forever Living Products

What is Migraine?

About of extreme, incapacitating headache, which can come on quite suddenly and affect either the entire head, or more usually a single side of the head, is called a migraine. The name migraine is derived from the Greek hemicrania, or “half the skull. The affected individual may be so affected that he or she is unable to do anything else, except concentrate on the pain. The presence of light also aggravates the headache and the person avoids light by staying in the shadows. Warning signs usually precede an attack and a single migraine attack can persist for hours or days at a single stretch.

Why migraines occur is not known, and the underlying reasons for their occurrence nor the factors responsible for it are as yet unidentified by medical research. The presence of spasmic contractions in the arteries that supply the blood to the brain being a probable cause for the attack of migraines is a theory currently circulating widely in scientific circles. Some researchers further believe these spasmodic contractions of arteries to develop because of the low levels of the brain chemical serotonin. The low levels of the serotonin allegedly leading to their abnormal constriction and dilation.

As far as people who are vulnerable to migraine attacks are concerned, an attack of this disorder is usually precipitated by the presence of numerous indicators that can act as triggers for the sudden onset of migraine.
Factors such as

  • presence of stress
  • the loss or lack of sleep
  • climatic factors
  • the presence of bright light
  • certain foods

can all lead to the appearance of migraine in the person. Other indicators of the disorder include the presence of liver problems, the incidences of pain in the dentition, hormonal swings, which come along with the menstrual cycle and the use of birth control pills in women. Other indicators also include the fluctuating levels in the blood sugar content of the individual, the presence of environmental chemicals, and cigarette smoke. As a demography women are three times more likely to be afflicted with migraines compared to men, and the condition itself tends to affect people in the same family, that is it may have hereditary causes.
It is advisable to carry out the long-term use of minerals like magnesium and calcium by individuals afflicted with migraines. There is a correlation between low levels of the mineral magnesium and the presence of migraines in people; both of these minerals help in the maintenance of healthy and fully functional blood vessels.

Following Forever Living Product can help in Migraine:
1.Aloe Berry Nectar:  * Cranberry extract is helpful in balancing hormonal changes and having urinary tract cleansing abilities
* Aloe Vera contains anthraquinonoid complex, which has anti-inflammatory properties that may help to reduce pain during migraine headaches.


2. Nature Min:   It will provide you all minerals like magnesium and calcium for blood vessels.


3. Royal Jelly:  • Rich in vitamin B complex, acetycholine and inositol which can help to regulate the nervous system, reducing nervousness and stress.
• Contains phytohormones that are helpful in regulating and balancing hormonal changes.



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