How I Became A Mother Using Forever Fertility Boost

How I Became A Mother Using Forever Fertility Boost

Before I got married, I have never seen my menstrual period for over 20years of my life. It was a thing of utmost concern to myself and my whole family. For 20years of my life, I’ve witnessed what was tagged absurd and abnormal by medical professionals and consultants.

I cry night and day, I wet my pillows with tears all night. The joy of womanhood is to see your menstrual flow every month. This brings to your awareness you are a woman that you are very fertile to take in babies with meeting a man. But hence, this wasn’t my case. I had a different experience.

I was a thing of shame and what I couldn’t afford to tell my friends or anyone of what was going through. I spent my all each month trying to fix the problem with several drugs and various recommended tests from the hospital. I bought lots of drugs and also visited the hospital on several occasions. I did several tests at Lagos State University Teaching Hospital(LUTH) just to find the problem and the cause of this predicament, all to no avail or solution, I could only be prescribed different synthetic drugs by the doctors, but yet to no avail.

Then, I got married hoping the situation will turn around soon. I couldn’t see my period, but I hoped there will be a solution from my visitations and several tests at the Hospitals and several meetings with consultants of gynecologists.

Yes, due to my curiosity and dissatisfaction and anticipation to get a result from this issue, I met a lady called Bimpe, who is a Forever Business Owner in the city of Lagos, I opened up to her in a bid for a solution, cause I don’t know from whom the solution will come. Then, I shared my experience and what I’ve been going through these years with Bimpe. Then her response was I have a solution to this, I was curious to know of the solution.

Then she told me of the of Forever living products supplements called Fertility Boost Combo for women. I thought what it for is.

Then, she said, this is a combination of supplements by Forever Living Products, it’s a natural supplement which works on your hormonal system and hence balances your hormonal secretion, detoxifies your system, helps in increasing your egg/ovary production. It helps to eliminate toxins from the body and prepare the uterus for fertilization while also ensuring that the whole reproductive system is working perfectly and in the right state. Has No negative side effects and detoxifies you as well.


She gave me a breakdown of each of the supplements; Check our details of each Fertility Boost Combo:

  • 1Forever Multi-Maca
  • 2Aloe-Vera Nectar
  • Vitolize Women
  • Royal Jelly
  • Artic Sea

She told me to use this Fertility Boost Combo in the picture below:


I’ve always taken every other product in the past just for result sake,  I bought this product, in early 2015, I used the products for 2months, To my amazement, my menstrual flow came that very month I started and it became very regular. The joy in my heart couldn’t be expressed for seeing my period after over 20years.

Then, the next amazement was that I took in. It all looks like a drama and a joke of the century in my eyes because this was what has battled with for over  20years, and now just for 2 months of using these supplements, all situations were solved and I just took in, just like that. I became an expecting mother.

I couldn’t hold my joy, I went for an ultrasound scan, it was discovered I was going to be a mother. My joy couldn’t be withheld. I was thinking was this a joke or a reality. But lo and behold, 9 months came, I was delivered of my baby.

Today, I’m a mother and I said to myself I will share this story to as many women who have the issue I once had about not seeing their monthly menstrual flow or do have it irregularly and also having conception issues, stop toiling about.

I,  Mrs. Bola Michael, I’m personally recommending this supplement for you, “Fertility Boost for Women”. I got the desired result with it. You can get it too. I recommended this to my friends who had issues with conception. they came back with a testimony that they’ve taken in. Also, I recommended for my friend at work who has stopped seeing her period for 1year, yet to my surprise too, she told me she has started seeing her period again and also ovulates for 5days.

Price: N45,000 only

NOTE: This story was one of our collations from one of our customers who have used the product and shes now a mother


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I am Dr. Nne…you can ORDER by speaking/chatting me on +2349068187012


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