Testimony: How I Got Rid of Fibroid Using Fibroid Removal Combo

Testimony: How I Got Rid of Fibroid Using Fibroid Removal Combo

Testimony: How I Got Rid of Fibroid Using Fibroid Removal Combo

First and foremost, I am using this medium to share my testimony on how using Fibroid Removal Combo,a Forever Living Product; shrank a long time fibroid I have been suffering from. Here is the full details of my Story.

My name is Mrs. Kelvin, and I am based in Owerri; presently in my 40s but the pain of the fibroid and discomfort I faced for years have made me look older. Talk of different tests and medical appointments, I have done a lot after I was diagnosed with Fibroid but despite all treatments, nothing seems to give commensurate results.

In 2015, I was advised to go for a surgery even though it was quite expensive but I obliged because I felt my health is my priority. My family and friends supported me during this period and after the surgery, I was alittle relieved and followed all the cautions I was told at the hospital

Just into another year, I noticed my belly started protruding again and I visited the doctor who explained the situations of things. I wasn’t ready to go for another surgery and the surrounding expenses. While looking for the next solution to my health condition, I met Joshua; who after chatting with him, advised me to try Forever Living Products Supplements.

It was my first time hearing about the wonders of supplements like Forever Living Product, I was alittle bit pessimistic but I told my husband who testified that he has a colleague at his office who uses some of the supplements and confirmed how great they have worked in his body.

To cut the long story short, I took the boldness and gave Joshua a Call, we also chatted on Whatsapp where he explained how Fibroid Removal Combo Works. He then sent me the pictures of each supplement and I received the Pack the next day. I paid CASH ON DELIVERY…it gave me a better trust.

He gave me the following Forever Living Supplements


  1. 2 bottles of Aloe Berry Nectar
  2. 1 bottle of Arctic Sea (100 tablets)
  3. 1 bottle of Garlic Thyme (100 tablets)
  4. 1 bottle of Lycium Plus (100 tablets)
  5. 1 bottle of Bee Propolis (100 tablets)

He also sent a pdf file of the supplements containing dosage and usage. After which, I started taking the supplements with great enthusiasm and with great believe considering the price and all.

I can remember vividly that after a week on the supplements, I discovered that I no longer feel the sharp pain like before especially at night. From then, I started paying attention to my body responded to the supplements, beside the pain that disappeared, I also noticed I look quite fresher and younger.

Close to a month of using the supplements, I then decided to visit my Doctor for examination; since I didn’t want to just assume. To both my doctor and myself amazement, the fibroid had shrunk totally. He was so curious about what I have been using so he can know about the constituents; which I told him it was Forever Living Products Fibroid Removal Combo

From me using Forever Living Products, my health has been restored and of course, I have introduced my friends having the same issues to the Fibroid Removal Combo and here is me also recommending this for you also.


Note: Names used in this article aren’t the persons involved true name for Security purpose.

This is one of the testimonies we recorded from one of our recent customers.

I am Dr. Nne…you can ORDER by speaking/chatting me on +2349086187012

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