How I Regained My Erection and Ejaculation Power

How I Regained My Erection and Ejaculation Power

How I Regained My Erection and Ejaculation Power

I know this information will be helpful to someone out there. I am Mr. Festus Ofoegbu, I got cured by going through Ask Dr. Nne and I feel I have to let others going through Weak Erection And Premature Ejaculation embarrassment know that there is a better herbal alternative without side effects.

My problem lasted for 4 years. While it lasted, it was Weak Erection coupled with Premature Ejaculation. Having an Erection was a very serious issue, and keeping the Erection was tough. After struggling for erection, lasting long was tough. In less than 2 minutes I have spilled the milk. I will say sex was totally bad.

My marriage was on the verge of breaking up because of this problem. In finding a cure, I took all known available English medication and recommended Herbal teas yet there was no improvement. Those drugs complicated my diabetics instead of providing a cure, it created other health issues.
Life was good outside, but in the bedroom, there was always war. My weak Erection and early Ejaculation affected my job, emotion and I was depressed for years. I became suspicious and jealous because my wife was not having what she needed from me. I got to state where the only alternative was to find a cure for drugs I was used to.

Luckily for me, I read about Forever Living Products. First, I was in doubt because I have tried a lot of medications. But Forever Living Supplements cleared my doubts after using it for a month as recommended; my Weak Erection and Premature Ejaculation became a history.
My wife had to buy two packs of the supplements for me when she saw the result of the product.

Thank you to Dr. Nne for saving my marriage and thank you Forever product.
I heard there are products for fertility and fibroid… I can boldly recommend the product for anyone.

Here are the products

  • Multi-Maca
  • Vitolize Men
  • Gin-chia
  • Forever Ginkgo

Price: N28,500

I am Dr. Nne…you can ORDER by speaking/chatting me on +2349068187012