Natural Fertility Boost for Women

Natural Fertility Boost for Women

Are there natural ways to boost fertility for women?

The frustration of trying to get pregnant many times overshadows the possibilities and many factors, thereby, contribute to infertility.

So many methods are employed in trying to get pregnant including IVF, Fertility Medications, and the likes.

While they are not altogether bad, it is very advisable to firstly, employ the use of natural methods that have no side effects and guarantees a greater percentage of fertility.

This article helps to bring to limelight such natural factors that can be employed.

  1. You are what you Eat!

As compared to some few decades ago, now, it’s becoming a widespread knowledge that processed foods are not the best food option for one’s health. The importance of eating a balanced, nutrient-rich, whole food diet can never be over-emphasized as it is germane to the functioning of the body’s system and will certainly boost one’s fertility and reproductive health. Indeed, many have testified to getting pregnant easily once they ditched the junks and processed food and started taking whole, nutritious foods. It is also advisable to take full-fat foods especially diary if one is not allergic to them as good nutrients can be obtained from the likes of coconut oil, butter, nuts, etc and also increases fertility. Therefore, it is important for someone trying to get pregnant to review her food diet and change it if necessary or to add the missing nutritious food.

  1. Pay close attention to your lifestyle.

Many people are used to a fast-paced schedule and they stick to such schedules day in, day out without pausing to catch their breath. It doesn’t only affect the state of the mind which will ultimately affect the behavioral output; irritation, short-tempered, mood swings and all these culminate in wreaking havoc on the health and fertility probability becomes low, therefore, instead of worrying over the possibility of not conceiving, one should be excited over the prospect of actually getting pregnant. For a higher percentage of fertility, one must reduce one’s stress level and this can be done by;

  • Eliminating or reducing stressful situations.
  • Engaging and incorporating stress-reducing strategies into daily activities, e.g. Yoga, walks, reading a novel, etc.
  • See a counselor or/and enroll in a support group.
  • Revise schedules for the day and delegate chores.
  1. Take Cod Liver oil

Studies have revealed that cod liver oil’s omega-3 fatty acids not only increase fertility but will support appropriate growth of the baby after formation. Therefore, it is advised that it be taken every day while trying to get pregnant and continued after inception.

The Weston A. Price Foundation recommends taking enough cod liver oil to equate to ~20,000 IU of Vitamin A daily.  Of course, it’s best to talk to one’s doctor, midwife or healthcare

practitioner when taking supplements.

  1. Track and Sex!

In trying to get pregnant, one factor that is of utmost importance is to have sex during your ovulation period. This is when there is a higher chance of fertilization taking place. Generally, women ovulate fourteen (14) days before their next menstrual period and sperm can last for few days in the uterus, in essence, having sex regularly around that day is the best way to make sure that the egg is given every chance to get fertilized. It is important to remember to enjoy the process as it will increase the chance of fertility rather than make it mechanical, i.e. just going through the process for the sake of getting pregnant and stress-induced.

  1. Make use of the Lunaception Method

Thousands of years ago, women regularly slept closer to the outdoors. Sleeping in total darkness was the custom with the only natural light being the cadence of the moon. Due to this, women used to be in sync with the moon cycles and ovulate at the full moon.

These days when there is electricity and artificial light, this doesn’t occur and because of this, the hormonal cycles get muddled up. In contemporary times, this natural cycle can be reinvented by regulating the light an individual trying to get pregnant is exposed to in the evening and when such sleep. Therefore, in using Lunaception to balance the hormones by regulating the lights in the bedroom, such an individual is advised to sleep in total darkness excluding some nights to the full moon when such will be required to sleep with little light, whether natural or otherwise. This method is somewhat backed up by science and has proved to be effective in the past. In fact, researchers have found out that sleeping in darkness can;

  • Strengthen mucus readings during ovulation
  • Reduce PMS symptoms
  • Aid anovulatory women ovulate!
  • Correct too long or too short cycles, bringing them back to 27-31 days long
  • Normalize FSH levels
  • Sustain pregnancies for women with a history of miscarriages
  • Intensification of progesterone levels
  • Lessen spotting during the course of the cycle


  1. Tracking of the Thyroid Function.

It is advisable to make use of a Basal Thermometer as this is effective in monitoring the thyroid function; if an individual is either hyperthyroid (higher than the ideal morning temperature of 97.8 degrees Fahrenheit- 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit) or hypothyroid (than the ideal morning temperature of 97.8 degrees Fahrenheit- 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit), then there is likelihood of hormonal imbalances not excluding fertility issues and potentially increased miscarriages. Therefore, it is of great importance to track ones body temperature every morning. It is therefore advised to eat enough healthy carbohydrates which are supportive of our thyroids. Also, the Basal Thermometer can also be used to track down ones ovulation period. In addition, there are key nutrients including thyroid-balance products that can be of great help such as AloeBerry Nectar, B12, Royal Jelly, etc. to know more about these products, consult the Forever Living Products website page or simply go to to check out Forever Living Products that will boost fertility in women. Therefore, having optimal thyroid levels plays a big role in the fertility process.

  1. Say “NO” to Chemicals.

As important as it is to stay away from processed foods and junks while trying to get pregnant, so it is important to avoid any product that contains chemicals, e.g. vaginal wash (spray), artificial lubricants, scented tampons, etc. these can generate into a pH imbalance in the vagina, also, douches should be avoided as this can alter the normal acidity of the vagina and can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease which can also affect the cervical mucus that transports the sperm. Instead of artificial lubricants during copulation, it is advised to use saliva or coconut oil.

  1. Exercise!

It is very germane to keep the body regulating especially hormonally. Consistent exercise keeps the body fit and reduces overall body fat levels and/or obesity which also affects fertility and other hormonal issues. Exercise is a good mechanism for reducing stress level and balancing one’s emotions. Therefore, making exercise a part of a daily routine is much encouraged; daily walk and some lightweight will do, one can spice it up by getting a pedometer to track the daily steps. Exercise will generally maintain healthy blood pressure levels, reduce significant risk factors for heart disease and also helps to reduce and keep off extra weight thereby decreasing the BMT.

  1. Invest in Supplements and Multivitamins

Most of the food nutrients that are missing from our daily food can be supplemented by food supplements and multivitamins, such which is testified to by several women is the chaste berry or otherwise known as Vitex, another is the Aloe Berry and what it does is to help detoxify the reproductive organ, thereby cleansing it of every toxic substances. To also get a full package of this and other multivitamins and food supplements, please log on to the website; to check out Forever Living products that will boost fertility in women.

  1. Acupuncture

Acupuncture is the art of putting tiny, relatively painless needles into precise meridian points on the body that connects with particular organs and body systems. By stimulating these trigger points, the body typically reacts with increased blood circulation and energy, which over time can assist in the balance of various health issues, not excluding infertility. It is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine and has proved to be effective over decades. If an individual is wary of needles, such can try Acupressure which is simply replacing needles with the application of pressure to the specific points.

  1. Fertility Massage

Just like Acupuncture, this might be considered as an old technique but it has been reported to be effective as well, therefore, it is advisable to employ this technique also. The great thing about this is that it can be done all by oneself in case of inability to afford a fertility massage therapist or remoteness to one. The benefits are as follows;

  • Boosts the hormonal feedback loop
  • Upsurge circulation to the uterus, ovaries, and eggs
  • Backs up the body in getting rid of adhesions and scar tissue
  • Helps to bring freshly oxygenated blood to the reproductive system.

It is every woman’s desire to someday give birth to a child or children, therefore, it will be exciting if the methods listed above are employed and results start to show, when this happens, do not hesitate to contact us and tell us about it or leave a message on our comment section.