Client’s Testimony on FLP Fibroid Removal Pack

Client’s Testimony on FLP Fibroid Removal Pack

Client’s Testimony on FLP Fibroid Removal Pack

Does fibroid combo pack really work?

Do Forever Living Products really work for fibroids?

Don’t give a rational conclusion. You probably have used some products before that didn’t get you the desired result. Probably you were supplied the wrong sets of products. give it another chance and get our own. Here are two of our most recent testimonials from our clients who don’t mind us sharing their testimonial.

 Testimonials About Forever Living Products for Fibroid Care

Real life testimony of how I got rid of my fibroid: I was reluctant to write this testimony but i was overwhelmed with the joy of being free from fibroid and the sharp pains and discomfort of over 8 years.

My name is Mrs. Mathew and i am based in Jalingo. I am in my late 50s but the pain of the fibroid and the level of discomfort made me look older. I have met with different doctors and diagnosed severally, my daughter who is based in Abuja tried all she could to help me with the solution but all are vain. In 2014, i went for an operation which was a little expensive and also painful. i had no choice because i couldn’t bear the pains anymore, my husband told me to be courageous and i eventually had the operation.

After the operation, i was relieved and thanked everyone and was motivated to continue with my PhD program in university of Adamawa. In 2016, i was shocked to see the ugly face of the fibroid again. it started with the discomfort and later the sharp pains.

iIn dec 2016, I met Dr.Nnedimma and i told her about the condition of things. he immediately recommended forever living supplements. i told my husband about it and he said we should give it a try claiming that a colleague in his office in Taraba state polytechnic has once told him about the supplement. Immediately that night, i gave doctor a call and added him up on WhatsApp where he gave me more information about forever living supplement. he sent the pictures of the supplements to me and immediately ordered for the supplement since it’s a ‘cash on delivery’ so that I won’t be scam med lol.

She gave me the following forever living supplements

  • 1 aloe berry nectar
  • 2 arctic sea
  • Garlic thyme
  • Lycium plus
  • Absorbent C

She also sent a pdf file of the supplements containing dosage and usage. After all that, i started taking the supplements with great enthusiasm and with great believe considering the price and all.

On the 8th day of using the supplement, i discover that the sharp pains have gone and i was able to read at night without any discomfort. i thought it was a one off situation and i didn’t care to tell my husband who was away in Jos.

On the 15th day of using the supplements, i found out that all the signs of discomfort, pains has disappeared and immediately called my doctor to book an appointment for a test. to my wildest imagination, the fibroid has disappeared.

I strongly advice you get these supplement and avoid operations.

Another Woman who was suffering from infertility who also has fibroid and decided to treat the fibroid first before going for the fertility supplement combo also gave this testimony

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