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FREE SAMPLE: Forever Living Bright Toothgel, 4.6 oz., Natural Mint Flavor

Significantly lessens tooth sensitivity and gum recession, and leaves your mouth feeling a cool kind of fresh.



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This is my favorite toothpaste so far. My tongue looks so much cleaner using this. My mouth feels really clean after I brush with this. I love this toothpaste.
Ember IordyeMakurdi
I developed sensitive gums in one area of my mouth and this stuff healed it! I was very skeptical, but the sensitivity was driving me crazy, so I was willing to try it and I am so glad I did!! Worked great! Thanks Doc!
Tunde BelloLagos
Where have you been all my life! I really honestly don't know how I did without this. My gums are disappearing. They bleed when I brush and are sensitive. After a week of using this they stopped bleeding. I need to purchase in bulk. Wow!
N. KOwerri
Actually lessens tooth sensitivity and gum recession. I'm elated. My teeth are like, physically the best part of my face, and now it doesn't shock when I drink cold water.
I developed a mouth peeling irritation that doctors said was caused by grinding my teeth in my sleep. Within days I found relief. My Dentists were no help. This fixed it almost overnight.

Who Is Dr Nne?

A mother of 4, Nnedimma Iwueke is a medical doctor and nutritionist passionate about healthy living.

Dr. Nne is a public health practitioner with experience in women's health, reproductive and childcare, HIV counselling as well as weight management spanning the African continent.

She holds a medical degree from Kampala International University, Uganda. In her spare time, she enjoys soccer and loves to visit old relatives. While advocating for healthy living among Nigerians she has been able help a lot of her clients eliminate unhealthy lifestyle. She lives in Owerri with her husband, kids and pet.

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