Top 100 Health Blogs to Read in 2019

Top 100 Health Blogs to Read in 2019

Health they say is wealth.

This popular saying might sound like a cliché but we all know it is not.

So how do you know which health blog to read?

We helped you solve that problem by analyzing the top health blogs and selecting only the top health blogs that we recommend. This blog was chosen based on the quality of their information, the number of posting frequency and how many interactions they get.

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Top 100 Blogs for Healthy Living to Bookmark

1: The Healthy Suggestion

Just as the name implied, TheHealthySuggestion is a platform that is committed to providing useful information on a wide range of topic that pertains to healthy living, nutrition, fitness and of course weight loss. The articles are written by experts yet they are easy to understand and implement. TheHealthySuggestion in simple terms shares with you all you need to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle

2: Health Populi 

Health Populi, which just celebrated ten years anniversary, belongs to Jane Sarasohn-Kahn, a health economist, who believes that health is a person’s most valuable asset. According to the description on the page, the blog is a blog covering the health or care ecosystem and people. Jane does not just give tips that has to do with the health of the body directly, she also gives useful information on topics like health insurance, financial health, social network and health and many more interesting topics that are not commonly associated with health but actually very important

3: Healthline 

Healthline is a website that provides practically anything you would need for your health. They have a section that has a team of dieticians and nutritionists who help provide information on healthy living through diet as well as weight loss diets. The website also provides an opportunity to consult a doctor for primary care. There is a community forum where you can commune with people of like minds about health and they have a wide range of health topics that you can read about.

4: Healthtips9 

Healthtips9 is a health blogs that provides health tips on a whole range of health issue ranging from Natural health, Yoga, Beauty and devotion. You can also find the best information on different home remedies that can help you solve issues like skin care problems, hair loss and even beauty tips

5: Appetite For health

Simply known as AFH, this platform aims to promote primarily food, nutrition and healthy lifestyle. It has two major spokespersons, who are Julie and Catherine. There work is to mainly talk to people how they can improve on their lifestyle and leave longer. AFH has on its online platform various food recipes and diets which an interested person can key into. They also have food items, books and souvenirs pertaining to the diet can one can purchase at discount prices.

6: Dan John Vita

This blog is owned by Dan John, who is a seasoned fitness trainer and academician. He hopes to improve the lives of people with this blog by giving lectures and notes on how to keep the body and soul together. He has various online books on this platform like “Before you go”, “can you go?” These books are meant to let you know the importance of keeping fit. You should check it out.

7: Fat Burning Man with Abel James 

This site is owned by Abel. His sole aim is to help people who have been misinformed about health issues and fitness. He shares real-life health problems, diet tips and how to avoid certain sickness. This online platform has videos and podcast, where how to make certain food recipes are shown. He offers one-on-one health coaching at an affordable price. He wants any interested person to be happy with his/her body shape and nutrition.

8:  Jeanette’s healthy living 

Jeanette’s main aim for this blog is to be able to prepare a special diet for people with a certain kind of illness. Some of these illnesses are Cancer, Leukemia and people for certain food allergies. In this blog, you will find pictures of prepared different food recipes and notes on how to prepare them yourself. There are also videos showing the response from people who have taken some of her diets and recipes. She tends to encourage cooking food with less sugar, salt and fat. You need to check out her site to get full information and how these can be achieved.

9: Kate Lunch Box Lunch

Created by Katy Patelsky, this blog’s mission is to encourage people to use for plants and vegetables to cook foods and nutritional supplements. Her belief is that humans are one with nature and for humans to be healthy they need to eat more natural foods and desist from taking artificial and processed foods. On her blog, you can purchase her books on diet and nutrition updates.

10: One Twenty Five 

This website is a personal diary of the blogger, where he writes extensively on the problems he had with weight loss and food nutrition. In this platform, how different diets can be cooked is shared and the blogger’s travels and travails are shared also so that the reader can learn one or two things on food items gathering and consumption. You get free downloads on pictures on diets and free books on how to keep fit.

11: Strala

This platform is birth by Tara Stiles to promote ancient oriental fitness training like Tai Chi, Qigong, Yoga and traditional Chinese medicine. His aim is to make it known to the world that these old movement training can aid stress relieve and improve one’s health. This Blog has videos and books detailing how one can gain from natural and traditional medicine.

12: A Nutritionist Eats

A nutritionist eats is mainly about how to make diets, recipes and foods. The blog contains detailed methods and ways which these diets can be made with appropriate care. It is concerned mainly with dinner recipes, nutrimental diets, healthy nutritional plans and nutritional degrees.

13: Daily Garnish

This is an all-fitted website where culinary skills, arts, music and family issues are documented for readers delight. The blog is operated by a couple who owns a nutrition company and they are trying to show people the importance of good food, music and culinary skills. Different food and recipes are displayed on the online platform and orders are available for interested parties.

14: Danica’s Diary 
Owned by Danica, who is a (WW) weight watcher, whose passion is eating healthy food? The objective of this blog is eating clean food and watching one’s weight. The blog is full of adventures of the blogger .her weight watching lessons, pictures of various diets and foods and advantages of eating clean food.

15: Escape from Obesity
We all know that obesity is a nightmare for most people, what this blog intends to achieve is to find out how obese people, particularly obese mums can get back to shop. She also features true-life experiences of formerly obese people, who share how they are able to get back to normal shape. The site also has work-out instructions, diet patterns and weight-loss programs that will be beneficial to the public.

16: Gretchen in Between
The blog was primarily created by Gretchen to cater to weight loss issues and promote healthy living. The online platform has a forum where discussions of weight loss and obesity are discussed in detailed; you will find videos and notes that discuss how you can keep fit and make obesity a thing of the past.

17: Home Maker 
This site is mainly for pregnancy posts. You get access to a lot of articles and videos on what to eat and drink when you are pregnant and after you deliver. The author of the sites is sharing her experiences on various diets and fitness to undergo during pregnancy. She also shares advice on TTC, IVF and artificial insemination.

18: This Raw Some Vegan Life 
A platform about how been a vegetarian can really help one’s health. The creator gives various pieces of advice on the disadvantages of eating meat and dairy foods. There are various recipes on just vegetable dishes on the site. Various vegans are also invited to the site to talk more about their experiences been a vegetarian. The author talks about the importance of tahini and plants in one’s daily meal. He shares ideas in his cookbooks and they can be downloaded free.

19: Weighty Matters 
The blog is totally for people with weight problems and drug-related issues. The author is reaching out to individuals who are obese in weight and are planning to do something about it, He offers free online advice on how to keep ft and how drug use can be mitigated. The blog contains materials relevant for weight loss and how to stay free from drugs for life.

20: Mercola
Mercola offers information about life issues, depressions and family matters. The intended aim of this blog is to push articles that will help readers solve real-life issues between families and friends. The site also has books on how to cope with depression and anorexia. There is an avalanche of videos and PDF files containing health-related articles and journals.

21: Balanced Bites 
Created by Diane Sanfilippo, breaking free from nutritional bias and addictions is what the blog promotes. More understanding of how good diets and exercise benefits the body system is top of the list on this blog. You can find a plethora of podcast, books and tours on nutrition and diets on the website. It aims to teach readers that there is more to gain from food than just eating anything. The author’s diary and journey in the nutritional lane can be downloaded from the site.

22: Black Girls Guide to Weight Loss
The blog is primarily for women with fitness issues and weight loss problems. Owned by Erika, who is also known as the evil fitness Barbie, the blog promotes training sessions for women who have weight issues and low self-esteem problems. She also made available videos of fitness exercises and diets that can help readers, particularly a woman with weight problems.

23: Bulletproof 
Topics found on this site include articles on recipes and nutritional benefits to the body. You could also download some short and large videos where special dishes and meals are cooked for the benefits of the readers. A podcast is made available and guest articles on recipes and nutrition are allowed, albeit with moderation. An online shop is available for readers interested in buying top-notch diet plans and meals

24: Chris Kresser 
The blogger of this platform is interested in sharing ideas on ancestral health, Paleo nutrition, and functional and integrative medicine. The blog teaches practices, natural and functional medicine, a personalized approach to health care that recognizes the biological uniqueness of each patient. This is borne by the personal experiences of the owner of the site, therefore you will be treated to real-life scenarios and solutions will be given to you accordingly. Although there are free materials online, you will have to pay for face-to-face lessons and rugs to be shipped to your destination.

25: DR Axe
This is one of the topmost natural health website in the world today. The main niche of this website is nutrition, fitness, health, natural medicine, healthy recipes and current health issues across the world. The editor of the website is Dr Josh Axe who has a very huge experience spanning 15 years in Natural health medicine. The platform has several good books on health and fitness. You can order for a copy of yours today or simply download the PDF version.

26: Examine 
Examine has a huge database on issues relating to nutrition and supplement. Their aim is to make sure everyone makes the best health-related decisions that can help them leave long. There are various topics in the websites relating to supplements like fish oil and vitamins D. Several health practitioners are invited on a weekly arrangement to educated readers on the best ways to use supplements and made them healthier.

27: Nom Nom Paleo (food for humans)
What this website prioritizes is explaining in detail the paleo approach to nutritional benefits to interested readers. Paleo itself is an old way that encourages eating unprocessed foods and natural diets. The creator of the site in a barrage of articles explains in details how harmful processed foods is to our health and how it will be of great benefits to the body if we can switch to unprocessed foods.

28: Nutrition Facts 

Anchored by Dr Michael Greger, this platform is all about providing recent updates on nutrition and diets via written articles and small-sized videos. The website gives a daily update on public health issues and food safety. It encourages people to desist from self-medication and patronize reliable medical experts. Nutrition facts give reliable data and statistics about recent happenings in the food industry.

29: Nutrition Stripped 
The core aim of Nutrition stripped is to teach people about the art of healthy living and help people to have a good health habit. The website organizes daily and weekly forum chats where issues based on health are discussed to a conclusive end. You can also arrange private health and fitness coaching if you contact the editor.

30: Robb Wolf 
If you will like to know more about the paleo diet, celiac, glutton-free, anti-inflammatory diet, weight loss, auto-immunity and fitness, then you need to visit the site. The blog is created by a renowned Medical practitioner with vast years of experience in paleo diet and natural health practices.DR Robb gives monthly seminars on strength issues, weight loss and the importance of natural health.

31: Self Hacked
Self-hacked is like an updated online forum where chronic health issues are discussed. Also, discussions on family issues, genes compatible and benefits of a balanced diet are discussed. Books on health, family and life are available in their online store for interested readers. If you provide your email, you will also be sent a daily newsletter on recent happenings in the health industry.

32: The Healthy Foodie 
The online platform is created to help you adopt a healthy lifestyle and pertinently make sure you put good food into your body system. Nutritional information on diets and recipes are provided daily to help readers make the best-informed decision on foods and diets. The website also provides real-life videos of diets and ingredients that are beneficial to the human body system

33: Wellness Mama 
This is an online platform mainly for women and moms in the world who want to live a healthy life. The aim is to present practical hints and scenarios, diets, real food recipes, natural beauty and cleaning tutorials, natural remedies and other information to make women live better. The founder of the blog is Katie Wells; she and other medical researchers make it their duty to provide daily information on how a woman can live healthier.

34: A Healthy Slice of Life 
Designed by a former health coach Brittany Dixon, this blog was created to talk more about weight management, food, family lifestyles and the importance of leisure to good health.The creator designed the website to be a point of solace to people with weight issues and food problems who can gain more insight by reading her well-researched articles and videos to improve their health and life in general.

35: Body Recomposition 
Dog recomposition is an outlet where health training and advice are offered for both humans and dogs. On this website, food nutrients and diets that can be of great use to your canine and even for yourself, are provided. They also sell different kinds of dog foods, supplements and materials. You can also download their training videos and PDF online.

36: Curvy Yoga
The importance of yoga and body acceptance is taught on this platform. Here different sessions are organized by various experience trainers who put in great work to enlighten interested readers that with Yoga you can stay fit and live young. Apart from Yoga and body acceptance, how a person can stay fit is also mentioned and taught. You can book a private training session and make appointments with some of the instructors.

37: Diet Doctor 
The purpose of this blog is to find the most trustworthy way to explain science and the practical knowledge about health practices, by making it inspiring, simple to use, accessible and free for everyone. The pioneers are focused on delivering low carbs and kept easy and less stressful for people who can take advantage, and who would love to try it.

38: Eating Bird Food
It is owned by a holistic nutritionist with a passion for dispensing generally vegetarian recipes and plants along with hints for living a healthy balanced lifestyle. The website also offers meal planning advice and how to eat a balanced diet. Its interface is staked with lots of free articles and videos on how to make your life meaningful and nutritional benefits.

39: Fannestatic Food 
Started in 2009 by Anne, it was created for interested individuals who wish to live a healthier and happier life. Her hopes are that people can see that eating nutritious food and staying active doesn’t have to be so complicated and it can even be’ll find on this site a blend of daily life, healthy, simple recipes, swift meal ideas, running and race recaps, travails of motherhood, active travel, nutrition tips, and many more.

40: Food Politics 
This blog is owned by Professor Marion Nestle and created solely for the purpose of educating people about the need for growing and eating good food. Several discussions, articles and publications on organics and homegrown foods are discussed on the website. The created has a huge wealth f experience in food creation, nutritional benefits and human anatomy.

41: Harvard Health Publishing 
This website is championed by the Harvard Medical School to disseminate information bordering on, health issues, medical benefits, diseases, family planning, ENT (ear, nose and throat) illness and others. The site has very huge resources both in PDF and videos recording on health seminars and administrations. If you need authentic information and health-related matters in any field and for all genders, you should make this website a priority.

42: Healthista
This blog prides itself as being dedicated to people’s health and general wellbeing. The blog features many journalists, editors, bloggers, experts that bring daily health news, features, blogs, and videos that make it easier for individuals to look and feel better health-wise. There are also reviews on recipes and restaurants that are top-notch and can be beneficial to us all. is pioneered of Anna Magee, a UK-based journalist who used to have issues with her weight before.

43: Health Line
Health Line focuses on ensuring content, products, and services on the platform uphold the highest standards of medical integrity. There is a dedicated team which manages a network of clinicians, who provide medical and health reviews for all clinical content. This website covers the full spectrum of medicine. They have at their disposal physicians, nurses, public health experts, and patient advocates who help to ensure that the health information published are up to date.

44: Kath Eats 
This blog was started by a registered dietician in 2008 to promote food, diets and life recaps. What you get to see on this blog is what the author ‘Kath’ experiences as a dietician. Various food recipes and foods are on display on the blog to give a sense that things can be done as she proclaims. If you are in doubt, kindly check out the website.

45: Marks Daily Apple
Mark Sisson created this website in 2006 to empower individuals to be vigilant and take full responsibility of their personal health and enjoyment of life by making research, discussing, and critically rethinking everything known about health and wellness. It also discusses the Paleo/Primal lifestyle and the natural way of growing food. Mark’s Daily Apple discusses all topics pertaining to being successful in this modern world with primal techniques.

46: Medical News Today 
Owned and operated by Healthline Media UK Ltd., a leading healthcare publishing company, this website was founded in 2003 to disseminate medical news, provide simple and non-bias information that stands out from all other medical news. You get all information freely just by visiting the website and registration or subscription is not required to access all information.

47: Mind, Body and Green
At MBG, they take very seriously the wellness of individuals as it pertains to the physical, spiritual, mental, emotional and environmental. It is their belief that incorporating all these different aspects will make them serve their readers in a better way. It is their aim that life has more meaning that has not been unlocked, but with deeper research and yearnings it can be unlocked. Several articles and publications can be downloaded from their site.

48: Shaun Reid
This is a blog created primarily to share stories and realities as it pertains to how generally life is. The author shares his life experiences and how those experiences can be beneficial to its readers. At Shaun Reid, you can also share your own personal experience to others who may wish you learn from it before taking that turn, Issues relating to health problems, family issues, pregnancy issues and a whole lot of others can be shared.

49: Steph Cuesta 
At Steph Cuesta, you will learn physical, Lifestyle and Nutritional assessments.There are lots of test and questionnaires on the blog which you have to pass through. The blog was created to make you a better person health wise and in lifestyle. You can order for one-on-one personal training. The author also offers public speaking tutorials and health advice.

50: The Healthy Home Economist 
This blog is created by Sarah to teach and imbibe in families the effective practical application of traditional, ancestrally inspired diets/nutrition and evidence-based wellness within the parameters of a civilized household. The healthy home economist has a passion to provide individuals with tasty natural remedies, fitness advice, healthy living hints and ideas to make staying healthy as easy and simple as possible.

51: Web Medical
Web medical is an organization with a desire to dispense medical news to the public, provide lots of useful interactive tools for the purpose of medical research or personal information amongst others. If you need an online medical platform that provides reliable information, supportive forum communities, and detailed reference material about medical topics that would interest you, then Web medical is for you.

52: Healthy Living Blogs
You know how we all know prevention is better than cure and many of us would indeed want ideas about how to prevent sicknesses. While in general, we have heard many times about how diet and exercises are our best bet of preventing sicknesses, many of us would still love to get details about how exactly to go about it, especially when we know that not everything we eat is right for us. This blog is an answer to that prayer. It provides an opportunity for people who want to live healthily and want a support system. Basically, the blog is a community of blogs helping people to live healthily.

53: Modern Health Talk 
Modern Health Talk cares about you living in ignorance about health issues. It is therefore a blog that provides insight, information, tips on healthcare policy, future directions, and technologies for independent living. It is a blog and an online forum that caters to people by exposing them to the nitty-gritty of modern health technology such as mobile apps that provide free access to medical information, patients connecting online and personal and electronic medical or health records among other innovations.

54: Natural Health Courses
Quite a number of health practitioners have been suggesting going organic or natural on issues that has to do with our health. Awareness are beginning to increase on using natural products for both prevention and cure of health challenges. So this blog would come in handy if you want to take advantage of the opportunities that are bound to rise. Different courses and diplomas are provided on the site if you are interested in becoming an expert on natural health.

55: The Healthcare Guys 
Also founded by Shahid Shah, the founder of Digital Health Nexus & Data Innovators Advisory Service, the Healthcare Guys is a go-to place for information, news, tips and insight on digital health. You would find articles that would inform you on health IT, government tech, med devices and how life sciences IT community get their jobs done.

56: Clever Solution
Clever Solution is a team of young people who provide you with all you need to create a workable website. The refer to themselves as the only stop that you would need to make because they provide all forms of solution that has to do with owning a website and working the internet to your favour. Presently, they have quite a number of health practitioners that they have designed a website for including dental offices, chiropractors among others.

57: Say Healthy 
It is a blog that cares about you living and staying healthy. So any information you need that concerns living and staying healthy, you would find in the blog. Awarded as one of the top 100 health blogs, Say Healthy provides answers to different questions ranging from the best medicine for headaches to workout moves to cure for acne. Basically, it is not limited to sicknesses in the real sense of the word, it is also a go-to place for weight loss journey and beauty tips.

58: Institute of Women’s Health and Integrative Medicine
The Institute of Women’s Health and Integrative Medicine is founded by sisters, Dr. Tori Hudson, N.D. and Karen Hudson, C.H.H.C. The institute was established in order to provide training to primary healthcare practitioners on women’s health as well as integrative medicine and natural therapy. There is a blog that provides tips on women’s health as well as natural and integrative medicine.

59: A Woman’s Time 
A Woman’s Time caters to women and their health. They have a team of practitioners that consist of Tori Hudson, N.D., Kellie Raydon, N.D, L.Ac., Corina Dunlap, N.D., M.S., Jennifer Johnson, N.D., L.Ac., Carly Kellogg Knowles, M.S., R.D.N., L.D., and Karen Hudson, C.H.H.C. Apart from providing doctor consultation at your convenience at home, they could provide information as touching women’s issues like menstruation, fertility, menopause among others.

60: Run To The Finish 
Founded by Amanda Brooks, long time distance runner with a passion of every facet of running, the blog helps you start that workout you have been meaning to start but are yet to start and also makes sure you finish it. Amanda helps you improve your diet, form healthy habits and get on your gear to start that race towards a healthy lifestyle. If you are looking for a workout coach, she is also your go-to place for that.

61: Mile Posts
The fact that exercises are beneficial for our body, not only to keep fit but to also to live healthy. If you are looking to start doing some exercises but not sure how to start, then Mile Posts is for you. The blog is there for you to get ready for some running that would do your body much good, plus there is coaching available if you are interested in some coaching.

62: Health 
Simply called Health, it caters to basically all that relates to the health. When you visit the site, you would find “Health A-Z” which basically is a list of health issues in an alphabetical order. The blog also provides news and information on health. It provides tips on nutrition, fitness, weight loss, life, beauty, and eye health.

63: Silent Sorority
Silent Sorority is an eccentric blog founded by Pamela Mahoney Tsigdinos, an award-winning author internationally recognized for her writing on the limitations of reproductive medicine and the personal and social impacts that accompany fertility challenges. Pamela speaks for those who have been left no choice but to face the harsh realities of infertility. She speaks for the ignored few who reproductive medicine and other fertility options have not profited. She provides from experience insight on how to deal with issues that comes with involuntary childlessness.

64: Ever Upward 
Ever Forward is the brain of Justine Froekler. It is a blog seeks to motive people and make them see life from the lenses of an optimist. It is believed in some climes that the health of a person is a reflection of how the person feels inside. The founder draws inspiration from her journey towards getting pregnant to push others into their ever upward.

65: Bipolar Burble 

Bipolar Burble, the brain child of Natasha Tracy, an award-winning writer, speaker and social media consultant from the Pacific Northwest, is a blog that cater to people suffering Bipolar disorder. The blog started as a way of sharing her experiences with Bipolar, but now it has grown to include providing insightful information on Bipolar disorder and other mental illnesses. If you need information on mental illnesses or you are suffering from one yourself, you can visit her blog to get insight. Although she is not a doctor and she does disclaim that her word is lord, she speaks from experience.

66: Public Health Matters
Public Health Matter is the official blog of Public Health England. It is a blog for the government aimed at improving the general health of the nation of England. This will be achieved by providing insightful information from medical experts on health. The blog was also created in order to deal with issues that have to do with inequalities.

67: WeGoHealth 
Wego Health is a forum or a community of patient leaders set to check the world of healthcare. It works by patient leaders joining the community and then Wego Health would connect them to the government, healthcare practitioners, medical centres, research centres and organisations that are concerned about health. The two then work hand in hand to make the world a healthy place. If you therefore a patient leader and looking to hone or harness your expertise and you are in need of patient leaders, this is a site you might find interesting.

68: Health Resources 4 U 
Health Resources 4 U, as the name implies, is a blog that provides health resources for you. “Health is wealth” is the saying engraved at the top of the blog, indicating the concentration of the blog to providing you with all the resources at their disposal in order to improve your health. The blog also caters to beauty tips, fitness, weight loss, women health and medical reviews.

69: Fairview 
Fairview is like another “doctors without borders” situation. In on the blog, you can consult with a doctor and get their opinion on what could be wrong with you. You can also request prescription refill and book an appointment if the doctors determine they would have to see you, all from the comfort of your home. Also, the blog provides resources that would be beneficial on matters concerning health as well as news related to health issues.

70: Mobi Health News HHH
Mobi Health News, as the name implies, provides news and information on health issues, especially as it relates to digital health. The world has gone technological and with it, a good number of inventions, even in the world of medicine. Considering health is an important aspect of our lives, it is necessary to keep up with modern health innovations. That is what this website is for. It provides you with enough information on digital health.

71: Kaiser Health News 
Health is a topic that concerns each and every one of us. It is not a topic we can easily ignore whether we like it or not. Therefore, news concerning health is useful for all. Kaiser Health News is just a click away to provide news and information on health care policy and politics. They also provide major report on how the healthcare system works, including hospitals, doctors, nurses, insurers, governments and consumers.

72: Portea
Portea is set out to help its readers heal at home. There are many organic and natural remedies that would save one from the corridors of the hospital, as well as information that if one has at his disposal, would save someone from many health challenges. Portea provides its readers with information and tips that would save them from trips to the hospital as well as improve their general health.

73: Healthista

Healthisa is not only a blog that provides all provides all kinds of information that helps one improve bodily health; it also has an e-shop where one can shop for different healthcare products. It caters to different topics such as health issues, fitness, food, happiness, sex and love, and beauty care. It is practically all one needs to live a happy and stress free life. If you have no health challenge, you can also get some ideas about love or how to look good.

74: Celery and Cupcakes
Celery and Cupcakes is a blog that without scrolling through one would assume is a blog that deals with baking. It indeed gives the saying “more than meets the eyes” a definition. The blog is a brain-child of Jemma Andrew-Adiamah, a wellness and food writer, recipe developer, freelancer and according to her, she hopes to give women the opportunity to ditch the usual restrictive diet but instead find a balance that suits her as a person. The aim of the blog is not restrict people of certain diet but help them find a balance, therefore, making it possible to eat the cupcake while eating the celery and still be in perfect health.

75: The Health Care Blog 
 The Health Care Blog provides you with news that deals with health matters. They bring to you, at the click of a button, government healthcare policies, technological innovations and daily health news that you need to know about. Apart from that, the blog is also a community that deals with healthcare business and follows the changes recorded in the healthcare industry or system.

76: The Rock Health 
The Rock Health seeks to impact the healthcare industry. They do have a news section where they provide their readers with information of what is going on in the system. However, more, they seek to support entrepreneur in the industry in order to provide an improved healthcare system through improved health care system at lower costs. This is so that it can reach more people and low-income range families will not be left out in getting improved healthcare as well.

77: Mission Health Blog
Mission Health Blog is a the official blog of Mission Hospitals, the first founded in 1885 by four women, Anna Woodfin, Fanny Patton, Rose Chapman and Lily Carmichael. Today, it has grown to a hospital system serving the 18 westernmost counties of North Carolina. The blog that deals with issues that has to do with health. It is a blog where you can find the truth about different kind of illnesses as against many of the myths flying around. It also provides updated news and information about the healthcare system. Additionally, they feature certain personalities and their journey living with a particular health challenge.

78: A Health Blog
This is a blog that addresses health prevention issues. The blog provides information, tips and gives insight to how people can watch their diet and how people can imbibe fitness culture in order to protect themselves from diseases. Basically, it is a blog that help people to a habit of living healthily. It exposes you to meals that are nutritious and medicinal and also work out sections that can do the body a lot of good.

79: Health News Review 
Health News Review, according to them, is your health news watchdog. It is clear what a watchdog does, it watches to prevent all forms of illegalities and unscrupulous activities in a place. So, they have made themselves available to help check and review the activities that go on in the healthcare industry and review them in case of any irregularity as touching the general public like you and I. If you, therefore, want an unbiased review of the healthcare system, you know where to go.

80: The Balanced Blonde 
The Balanced Blonde is owned by Jordan Younger. The blog is an all-round blog that caters to a wellness and total welfare of a person. She has podcasts, videos, books that provide tips, information and insight into how to live in good health (balanced diet, general happiness, beauty tips). She also has a question and answer section where you can ask her question concerning your all-round well-being

81: Healthy Helper 
Healthy Helper, a brain-child of Kaila, is a blog where you can be helped in your journey to living healthy. You might be one of those who sincerely desire to live healthy but find it hard due to one reason or the other, the Healthy Helper is there to make it achievable. All you have to do is follow her posts about how you can make it happen in the right way. She also has the option of personally working with her.

82: Health Journalism 
Health Journalism is the blog of the Association of Healthcare Journalists (ACHJ), a group of healthcare journalists who come together to share ideas on healthcare journalism. The blog is used to upload their publications and also other news and information that they were able to garner together that could inform the general public about the healthcare system.

83: JS Health 
JS Health was founded by Jessica Sepel, a clinical nutritionist, best-selling health author and international health blogger. The blog encourages and advocates for a balanced lifestyle through moderation, mindfulness at meals and healthy body image. She has an online plan where her readers can follow a plan of healthy living as well posts that provide tips and information on how to live healthy.

84: Center for Health Journalism 
The blog belongs to the Center for Health Journalism, which is a center that helps journalists investigate health challenges and solutions in their communities. The blog portrays their different publications as well as serves as a platform for the journalists to upload the different news and information that they have been able to garner by honing their health reporting skills. So if you are looking for well-researched health news and publications, this would serve you well.

85: Maternal Health Task Force
Maternal Health Task Force is a project at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health that aims to put an end to preventable maternal mortality and morbidity by providing maternal health practitioners, policymakers, researchers and advocates the most current and reliable evidence, information and resources on maternal health. The blog was, therefore, created to provide information on maternal health.

86: Health Library
Health Library can be likened to a library where you have varieties of books in different categories to read to your heart’s content. But in this case, it is a health library based on different issues that are related to our health. They have tips and information on general health, healthy lifestyle and pregnancy. Also, they have stand-by doctors that you can consult online to ask questions about your health. Apart from that, the blog contains a health encyclopedia that practically has all you need for your health.

87: Natural News Blog 
Natural News Blog belongs to the Natural News Network, which is a non-profit collection of public education websites that covers topics that encourages people to make positive changes in their lifestyle and environment towards living a healthy life. The blog offers articles that give awareness of the benefit of a healthy lifestyle and how to achieve it to its readership.

88: Healthy UNH 
Healthy UNH is the health blog of the University of Northern Hemisphere. The blog is affiliated to a school and considering the academic environment, it can be sure that the information would be well-researched. The blog provides information on health related issues. It is a blog that you can subscribe if you are looking for where to find materials to help you in your journey on healthy living.

89:Kaiser Permanente
Most times, we mistake health issues to simply be about whether one has a disease or not, but being in good health cuts across diseases and illness and also the state of well-being of a person. Kaiser Permanente concentrates on wellness, healthy aging, family happiness as well food and fitness and other habit forming healthy lifestyles that gives one a well-rounded healthiness.

90: Growing Up Healthy 
There is something to be said for starting young. What is deposited in a child at those formative years when they are still growing will go a long way in determining how the rest of their lives will play. This is also true of health and that is why Growing Up Healthy has provided a blog where parenting resources are made available for the parents in order to bred the children in not only an healthy environment but also to imbibe in them a healthy lifestyle.

91: Spectrum Health Beat
Spectrum Health Beat is a blog that seeks to reduce the gap between the patient and health practitioners by bringing to your doorstep information concerning health you would need at your disposal. They have a team of healthcare professional who provide daily and updated information that you could us, as well as journalist offering healthcare news and a community of people who share their journey and you can learn from.

92: Credihealth 
Credihealth provides with information on medical procedures that you want to be acquainted with. If you want to do independent study of whatever medical procedure that you are to undergo, Credihealth would come in handy to provide you with information. Also, you have the opportunity to get information on different hospitals so you can compare and make a decision of the hospital to patronize. Every kind of medical assistance that you may need, including medical loan, is offered on the blog.

93: Natural Healthy Concepts 
Many health practitioners are advising people on the need to go natural and to include more organic product in their diet in place of manufactured diet. It you have decided to go organic, but have no idea how to go about it, then you can visit Natural Healthy Concept to provide you with resources that would help you in your journey. Most notably is the online store where you can buy natural products.

94: Cincinnati Children
Cincinnati Children is a blog focused on children. Just as we are bothering on our own health, we are also naturally bothered about our children’s health, especially, as they cannot be bothered about it themselves. The blog, therefore, offers information on children health that can help the parent. Also, it has a section that provides the opportunity of consulting with a doctor.

95: WebMD 
WebMD is an all-round blog for health issues. It has an A-Z health list of different health challenges and also provides solution to different health issues. The blog provides credible information on health on the internet that you can trust through their expert journalism. There is also the supportive community of people of like minds seeking to live a life of good health.

96: Baseline of Health
Baseline of Health is founded by Jon Barron, the health Renaissance man. The blog is about natural remedies to staying in good health. Jon Barron, through his researches, provides readers with help they need, through several resources, so as to acquaint themselves with natural remedies. He also has natural products that could interest you.

07: Health Post 
Health Post blog belongs to HealthPost, established in 1988 to meet the need for quality natural health products at affordable prices. The blog, therefore, was created to serve as website for providing quality information and other resources on natural health, skincare, beauty, vitamins, dietary supplements and general health and well-being.

98: A Culture of Health Blog
Culture of Health Blog is the blog of Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, a large philanthropic foundation dedicated solely to health. The blog has a record of their activities, which they share with their readers. They also give other information that is useful in improving one’s health and the community as a whole.

99: Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Blog 
Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Blog belongs to the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. It is a blog for dedicated to children health. Believing that children deserve the best, the blog offers different information and insight to keeping your children in good health so they can live a fulfilled and happy life.

100: Health Data Management 
Health Data Management is the go-to place for medical practitioners, IT professionals, and administrators on medical resources, news and information. Apart from medical news, the blog also contains other important issues and topics on revenue cycle analytics and accountable-care models, electronic health record platforms and data storage, telemedicine and mobile applications.

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