Women’s Health: Blast Your Tummy Fat in 9 Days

Women’s Health: Blast Your Tummy Fat in 9 Days

Women’s Health: Blast Your Tummy Fat in 9 Days

A lot of women struggle daily with how protrude their tummy is, they have tried various methods to get rid of it but none proved successful.

Belly Fat has shaped another’s life especially the Fashion sense, and some women find it embarrassing to wear fitted dresses or clothes because of their belly fat.

Although, there are quite a lot of causes responsible for Belly Fat especially in Women; among are:

  1. Age

When both men and women age, they experience a decline in the metabolic rate or the number of calories that the body needs to function normally. For women, getting to menopause causes a shift in hormones which leads to weight gain and specifically weight collecting around the tummy area.

  1. Eating too many processed foods.

According to nutritionists and doctors, an increase in belly fat is associated with inflammation. Processed foods such as chips, cookies, sausages, burgers and the likes are pinpointed as the culprits behind this inflammation. You are therefore advised to eat natural foods like fruits, vegetables and whole grains which are packed with antioxidants with anti-inflammatory properties.

  1. Eating the wrong fats

Saturated fats mainly present in meat and dairy products; but the ideal fats to consume are like the monounsaturated fats found in olive oil and avocado. No wonder the insistence by health experts to develop a culture of cooking with olive oil and not the other types of cooking oil in the market. Specific types of polyunsaturated fats like Omega 3-fatty acids are equally recommended. These types have anti-inflammatory properties and it is the mere reason why taking Omega 3 dietary supplements can lead to a breakdown of bad cholesterol in the body.However, consumption of healthy fats should be in moderation as fats are known to fatten the body.

  1. Being stressed out.

The stress hormone cortisol can lead to one piling on more weight. With our hectic lifestyles and daily demands, stress often times is inevitable.

  1. Not sleeping enough.

Health.com gives a survey carried out for 16 years on 70,000 women. It was proven that those who slept 5 hours or less a night, 30% of them were more likely to gain 30 more pounds than those who slept 7 hours a night. The National Institute of Health specifies that adults need 7-8 hours a night.

  1. Child-Birth

This is most especially common, after childbirth especially first pregnancy, many women have not been able to bounce back to their normal Belly shape. An accompanied reason to this is that a lot of women have fallen to the temptation of feeding for two while pregnant thus making them accumulate so many Fats.

Here is the recommended Solution that will cause your Belly Flattened Again

I am recommending one of Forever Living Products called Clean9; a low-carb, no stimulant, 9-day detox program from Forever Living Company.

It is a combined nutrition and exercise regimen that cause your belly flattened and train you on healthy eating lifestyle.

It is also a Natural and has no side Effects; fully packed with a nutritional Supplements to help you kick-start the Journey.

In many cases, stored toxins in the bodies are usually among the causes of fats around the Tommy area but with Clean9 Supplements, you also get your body detoxified

The pack also comes with a booklet detailing how to take the supplements, what to eat and which kinds of exercises to engage in

Now, Your Next question is “What Does It Consist and How Much Does It Cost”

The Clean-9 Pack consists of:

  1. 2 1 liter bottles of Aloe Vera Gel®
  2. 1 pouch of Forever Lite Ultra® Shake Mix
  3. Clean 9 Nutrition Pak
  4. 18 tablets of Forever Therm™
  5. 9 stick packs of Forever Fiber™
  6. 54 softgels of Forever Garcinia Plus®

The Price goes for N37,000 naira.

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